Key features:

  • indoor and outdoor units
  • wide range of output power,
  • modern, constant power rectifiers,
  • modern invertor modules generating efficient sinusoidal voltage,
  • simple and safe operation,
  • high efficiency,
  • easy installation of the rectifier during normal operation (hot swap),
  • next generation controller Q1,
  • possibility of remote supervision from WinCN 5.

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We design innovative solutions to fully meet the individual needs of our customers.

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Power Supply Systems

In our offer we have various power supply systems designed to different requirements. We offer our partners high quality:

  • DC power systems,
  • DC power systems in outdoor version,
  • AC power systems,
  • multivoltage systems,
  • constant power rectifiers,
  • inverters.

All power supply systems are very flexible and can be configured based on several modules, in order to meet the Customer expectations.  The system elements are selected individually for each Customer.

The offer of our company is being updated with new products, which are adjusted to current situation on market of telecom power supplies.

Our designs are basing on advanced, modular rectifiers and inverters. Each module is individually supervised by system controller, which allows to full remote control of power system.

We offer telecom power supplies in different encolosure versions with wide range of optional equipment .