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Wide offer of Telzas company meets the high requirements and specific needs of our customers. It includes comprehensive deliveries of: uninterruptuble power supply systems with batteries, cooling & ventilation systems, supervisory systems and also the training courses for the personnel.

Our biggest asset is the many years of engineering experience, logistical support and profound knowledge regarding the environment of working for power supply systems in technical infrastructure of the customers. The biggest focus we make is the research and implementation of modern, optimal power supply solutions, which enable to safely carry out the strategic aims of our customers.

Telzas offers assistance and consultancy in the selection of optimal solutions. We offer our customers optimal solutions, among others in the area:

Drawing - Pyramid Management - shows the complexity of our offer.

Within the range of specialized services we offer:

  • reviews and preventive services of uninterruptible power supply systems,
  • design and development of power supply systems,
  • installation and commissioning.

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