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Detailed scope services


  • Delivering the devices to destination, including the so called difficult to access locations (church towers, roofs, last floors of skyscrapers, mountain peaks, basements etc.).
  • Installation of new and used AC and DC devices, such as:
    • 48V DC power supply systems;
    • UPS, inverter systems, AC and DC distributives;
    • Hybrid power supply systems: PV panels, wind turbines;
    • Batteries;
    • Air-conditioners, ventilation devices (Free-Cooling);
    • Generator sets;
    • Remote monitoring systems;
    • Strengthening constructions for devices with large mass;
    • Other mechanical construction prepared for installed devices.
  • Designing the electrical installation for devices and preparing the documentation.
  • Periodic technical reviews.
  • Dismantling and utilization of devices.
  • Exchanging the power supply system elements without disturbing the power supply of the devices.
  • Transportation of dismantled devices.   
  • Condition assessment of batteries, including:
    • Controlled discharge,
    • Resistance measurement,
    • Conductance measurement,
    • Cleaning and marking the monoblocks.
  • Revitalization of batteries.
  • Warehousing of batteries, including the full technical support.
  • Adaptation the sites to the installation of ventilation devices:
    • Preparing the walls,
    • Warming the building elements,
    • Preparing the fireproof wire channels.
  • Repairs of power supply system elements, such as rectifiers, controllers, generator sets etc.
  • Electrical measurements:
    • Resistance of isolation,
    • Resistance of grounding,
    • Impedance of short circuit,
    • Resistance of batteries,
    • Conductance of batteries,
    • Voltage and current measurement,
    • Electrical installation measurements.
  • Remote monitoring and supervisory systems:
    • Designing the remote monitoring and supervisory systems,
    • Implementing the m-serwis solution to monitor devices and assess the batteries condition,
    • Installation of the Genset Supervision System (SNA),
    • Installation of Batteries Supervision System (SNB),
    • Solutions measuring the efficiency of power supply systems,
    • Expanding the existing supervisory systems.
  • General consulting, including:
    • Analysis of customer needs,
    • Choosing the possible solutions,
    • Designing the solution based on the individual customer approach.
  • Training (exploitation of power supply systems, ventilation, supervisory center).
  • Warehousing:
    • Warehouses prepared to meet to individual customer needs,
    • Access to data on the stock levels etc. via the ZIT application.
  • Supervising the technical infrastructure:
    • Monitoring the working activity of the power supply systems (GSM, TCP IP),
    • Supervision of batteries via the SNOB (Battery Cells Supervisory System),
    • Monitoring of generator sets and UPS,
    • Managing the services on sites.

All the services provided by Telzas are performed by highly qualified and experienced employees. A large network of technical representatives allows us to instantly react to customer needs, which enables the realization of large projects in a short period of time.


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