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Company overview

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of uninterruptible power supply systems, as well as remote monitoring and supervisory systems. We provide the full range of services, starting from the definition of customer needs, through analysis and design, to equipment delivery and system implementation. Additionally, we support our customers with aftersales service, consulting and training.

Telzas Sp. z o.o. is a part of a dynamically growing ETC Group. Our solutions were successfully implemented in telecommunications, IT, Internet services, data transmission, energetics and industry.

Developing new technologies for more efficient and reliable energetic systems working in all conditions is one of our main strategic goals.

Telzas was founded in 1976. Throughout the 40 years we have gathered an enormous experience, which allows us to confidently look into the future. Research on new solutions, alongside with continuous quality improvement of the offered products and services are considered as fundamental values. Thanks to that Telzas is one of the most technologically advanced companies in the power supply industry. Specially organized departments are constantly developing the intelligent solutions for backup power supply, monitoring and telemetry. 

Our solutions are dedicated mainly for the following industries:

  • telecommunications,
  • IT,
  • Internet services and data transmission,
  • energetics,
  • industry.





Highest dedication

We make every necessary effort in order to achieve the goals set by our Partners. This approach makes us a reliable manufacturer and advisor. Our success implicates the Customer satisfaction in area of security, reliability and functionality of the offered systems.

Designing, manufacturing and system supervision are based on the needs of Customers. The individual approach allows us to prepare the most complex systems, with the key aspects for Customers as priority.  

The Telzas brand is made by competent, dedicated and ambitious employees. They are our largest capital. Investing in employees, information management systems and technical equipment for the workplace are considered to be crucial.
We care about the development of our employees by financing postgraduate studies and trainings. Additionally, language courses adjusted to our activities are organized. The constant growth enables to create jobs. The company also hosts internship programs for students.

The quality management policy is strictly related to environmental protection. The pollution and waste management are key factors considered while designing our products. The company organizes trainings for employees in order to improve quality and maintain the high environmental awareness.



We offer the best equipment and solutions for the reliable supply of power:  

  • Power Supply Systems:
    • DC telecom power supply systems & rectifiers modules
    • AC power supply systems & inverters modules
    • Battery chargers
  • Hybrid power supply systems
  • AC and DC distribution panels
  • Telemetry - Remote supervisory & monitoring systems (WinCN2 software)
  • Batteries and mechanical accessories
  • Renewable energy sources: solar panels, wind turbines
  • Cooling and ventilation systems for telecom
  • Telecom outdoor cabinets and containers
  • Battery Diagnostic Tools and Equipment
  • Services:
    • designing and consulting
    • installation and commissioning
    • periodical maintenance reviews
    • renovation and utilization



The company's success is built on a solid financial foundation. Creditreform, an international business information agency, carried out an creditworthiness investigation of our company. The overall assessment of the financial condition of Telzas, in particular the ability to settle liabilities, was rated as very good. Our company has won the prestigious credibility certificate published on

Integrated management system

The Environment Management System is certified for compliance with the ISO 14001:2004 standard. The System has been integrated with the Quality Management System, which is in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard. The quality policy has been expanded to include the environmental aspects.  


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