Key features:

  • easy installation
  • modular design
  • high mechanical resistance
  • various available sizes 
  • possibility to install battery shelves
  • protection against corrosion with powder paint

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FLEXI - Open Frame racks

The possibility of building 19'' planes make this kind of racks an ideal solution for applications in many sectors.

Rack is built from twisted frame, connected together by horizontal cross pieces. This design allows the to transport rack in parts in hard to reach places.

Racks may be equipped with additional devices such as: AC or DC power systems, AC / DC distribution modules, battery shelves, 19'' or 21'' reduction brackets , etc.

Rack elements:

  • screwed frame connected together by horizontal crossbars;
  • galvanic connection to the entire rack frame
  • The base is equipped with four leveling feets

The flexibility and extensive configuration options of TELZAS racks makes them an ideal solution for applications in many sectors. FLEXI open frame racks are used and appreciated by many leading companies in the areas of telecommunications, IT, energy and industry.

FLEXI rack

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