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Genset Monitoring System

The Generator Supervision System (SNA) enables the remote indication measurement, as well as the alarm signals control of the generator set. An additional function of the system is to run a remote start-up test of the gen-set. Supervision of the gen-set is based on the WinCN2 system.

The SNA controls the following statuses of the gen-set:

  • work status (on- or off-mode),
  • low fuel level,
  • general alarm.

The type and number of monitored signals depends on the PI1 controller type, as well as the gen-set controller. Alarm signals are transferred to the WinCN2 Server and stored in the database.

SNA construction bases on the distributed network structure, consisting of equivalent modules, the so-called intelligent peripheral (PI), coupled by the CAN bus, which enables expanding and modifying the configuration of SNA.

SNA Controller

The remote start-up test can only be done by users with the necessary authorization, who are logged in the Win CN Client application. The test is finished either after expiration of the defined time or in case of a gen-set alarm.


SNA site state window


The Generator Supervision System (SNA) functions:

  • gen-set activity control (alarms and system parameters),
  • gen-set manual start-up test,
  • periodic start-up tests,
  • test-time control,
  • test-results control,
  • test-status reports,
  • data reading from the gen-set steering unit (SNA 3).

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