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STB - Battery Testing System


STB - Battery Testing System is designed for automatic and maintenance-free battery diagnostics during normal operation. System allows to assess the key parameters of the battery which determines for the power supply security of the site.

STB uses the only so far known and reliable method to check the real capacity of the battery, which is the direct measurement of energy absorbed by the load, at deep discharge. The process is fully automated and controlled by Pi1 control unit and the measuring elements. 
Reliable information related to the status of the battery allows the take optimal actions in optimal time and at minimal cost in order to ensure uninterruptible operation of loads. 

The solution is protected by patent application P. 390982.


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STB - Battery Testing System

STB my be implemented in the following power supply system:

  • SDCB 250
  • SDCB 500
  • SDCB 630
  • SDDB 300-03
  • SDD 800
  • WSZ 11
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STB - Battery Testing System