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We specialize in services dedicated to uninterruptible power supply sector. Continuous contact with the latest world diagnostic technology, issues occurring in the exploitation and leading research institutes allows us to offer optimal services prepared for the most demanding customers.

We offer services in area of up to 1kV (AC or DC) on sites in different phases of realization (renovated, exploited, newly built):

  • designing and consulting of technical documentation in area of power supply systems (including hybrid solutions: PV panels, wind turbines), HVAC, AC and DC distributives, remote monitoring systems and electrical installation;
  • wiring of the electrical installation;
  • dismantling of devices;
  • utilization of devices;
  • technical reviews of devices.

Services - PGE Arena Gdańsk Services - container Services - outdoor cabinets Services - assembly of tepower supply system on site

6/21/2024 10:33:21 PM