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Cooling systems for cabinets and racks

Cooling solutions for server and telecom cabinets. We offer different solutions to the server racks to ensure heat dissipation generated by the installed devices .

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Knürr DCD

Heat exchanger (air-water), which is integrated into the rear door of the server rack. The heat exchanger is adapted to absorb thermal loads from the of cabinets of servers up to 35 kW. The system can be configured so that the heat is not released to the site. The cooling effect occurs when the server exhaust air passes through a heat exchanger in the rear of the server rack. Cooling air is passed through a heat exchanger only by the server fans.

Knürr DCD supports the "Cold Room" concept where warm exhaust air from the servers is applied to the cooling unit, where its temperature is lowered to the level of the supply air temperature to the server systems

Knürr DCD Knürr DCD

Datasheet - Knürr DCD

Knürr DCL

Knürr DCL is precision cooling system that uses refrigerant in the form of chilled ice. The system is designed to cool the high-density computing racks.

Knürr DCL can be used as a cooling device in a closed loop cooling air (version L) or as a hybrid (H) withthe air supply. This versatility was achieved by the use of interchangeable side plates varying air flow pattern. Both versions support the concept of "Cold Room". The air is supplied by the fans in the rear of Knürr DCL, and is then cooled by the heat exchanger and discharged to the front.

Knürr DCL Knürr DCL

Datasheet - Knürr DCL

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Knürr CoolLoop, 10-30 kW Modular Cooling

Knürr CoolLoop® water-cooled unit is mounted on the side of the server racks. The system draws warm air from the rear and blows cold air from the front of the upright over the entire height of the cabinet.

Knürr CoolLoop®, 10-30 kW Modular Cooling

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Knürr CoolTrans

Knürr CoolTrans® make the connection between the water circulation system in the building and server racks. CoolTrans® Knürr units combine the main cold water circulation system in the building using the emergency system of cold water in the data center using a water-water type heat exchanger . The units are compact and energy efficient.

Knürr CoolTrans

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