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Supporting systems

Supporting systems are on top level of Management Pyramid developed by TELZAS Telzas Management Pyramid

Level 1

are executive devices which meet basic Customer needs.

Level 2

is a family of controllers, representing a natural extension of the executive devices. These controllers are used as the an autonomous management and also M2M interface. The core of local management is a universal PI1 controller designed and developed by Telzas. It’s composed from distributed modules. Each of them carries a dedicated measurement and executive functions. Controller most often is an integral part of the first-level devices. Local management has many advantages, but often is an insufficient tool to make important operational and investment decisions. For this purpose, we have developed a communication modules for remote monitoring and control.

Level 3

is a WinCN2 remote management system. It allows telemetry control of devices. It is performed by the controller module, a communication infrastructure and WinCN2 Supervisory Centre software. The monitoring system allows to remote readout of parameters, control and change the controller settings by building a database of the key parameters variability of the 1 Level devices in space and time. WinCN2 is the primary tool for monitoring of the current state of infrastructure and decision-making by the groups responsible for its maintenance.

Level 4

is a Business Intelligence solutions that transform the data collected from sites into information useful to:

  • presentation of key technical and cost indicators for infrastructure,
  • prognosis of changes in infrastructure,
  • recommendation for optimization works in the area of investment and maintenance.

At this level there are two systems:

  • m-serwis – a comprehensive solution for managing the technical infrastructure. It has a built-in mechanisms for the analysis of measurement data and alarm events. It manages the equipment evidence process as well as exploitive and modernization tasks carried on the sites. It calculates rates and generates the key recommendations for exploitation of devices.
  • Enernet – is responsible for the Customer's energy management. Generates recommendations intended to reducing the cost of electricity consumption and improve the presented key energy efficiency indicators

Basic version management system, consisting initially of the device and controller can be extended during the operation to the next level of integration. Our customers can extend the system by selecting one of two development strategies:

  • purchase and implementation of further system elements,
  • commitment the management of selected elements of its technical infrastructure on the: m-serwis and / or Enernet platforms to Telzas company.

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