Implementation examples

European Football Championship EURO 2012

Telzas was one of the suppliers of Power supply systems during the European Football Championship EURO 2012.

Police Brandenburg (Germany)

Supply of guaranteed power supply systems for the police in Germany.

Middle East

Telzas company is a provider of atypical hybrid power supply solutions for Middle East. Power supply of sites without constant power source composed of a combination of DC Power Supply system, solar panels and a generator set was used in Afghanistan (Afghan Wireless Communication Company)

Installation of FreeCooling

FreeCooling system installation on typical and atypical sites.

Hybrid power supply systems

Telzas Lts. provides solutions of hybrid power supply systems. One of the selected solutions of the hybrid system is the use of power sources from solar panels and wind turbines alternately.

Realization of work at a height

Telzas has many years experience and all qualifications to realize works at heights.

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