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Hybrid energy

What is a Telecom Hybrid Solution?

Hybrid systems combine multiple sources of energy in a consistent and reliable system. Such systems are mainly used in areas without access to a AC mains or where the AC mains is present but not reliable. In these areas, the cost of fuel for diesel generators, and maintenance costs are the main operational costs. To solve this problem we have designed a comprehensive and reliable solution for integrating renewable energy sources and batteries.
Renewable energy sources, combined with energy-saving systems for maintaining the temperature creates a comprehensive and reliable solution offering significantly lower overall operating costs. The system provides a safe and reliable supply the load 48VDC and / or 230VAC and keeps the optimal temperature of all crucial elements.

It's a solution that provides integrated management of multiple energy sub-systems to support a telecom site, irrespective of where it is deployed.


When a hybrid solution is suitable?

  • Traditional AC (utility) energy sources are not in place or reliable;
  • Reduce energy (operating) costs – initial cost goes up, but long term costs go down;
  • Trying to extend the life of the batteries (by not completely discharging them).

Why update an existing hybrid solutions?

  • To increase operational savings;
  • Provide greater cost controls – improve cost forecasting,
  • Reducing the impact of fuel costs fluctuation.

Hybrid system main elements

  • Pluggable Power Modules
  • Battery
  • Hybrid Control Unit
  • Solar Panels And Iec Surge Protection
  • Web Interface

For more information, see the presentation. Hybrid energy - presentation.pdf

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