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Enernet is an integrated and active management system for energy management (EMS - Energy Management System of telecommunications operators). It allows to perform self-audit of energy consumption by monitoring with accuracy of any operating device, data analysis and identification of incorrectness, preparing reports and recommendations. Enernet site controller is based on the PI1 controller. Due to its modular design is a natural extension of PI system. Enernet is dedicated to cooperation with other systems offered by Telzas :

  • WinCN2 – Remote Supervisory System,
  • m-serwis – Infrastructure Management System,
  • TIIS – Data Presentation Platform.

Basic functions

  • Control of electricity consumption by the site
  • Control of electricity consumption by elements of the site
  • Cooperation with other IT systems
  • Remote readout of energy meters
  • Measurements and analysis of power quality

Remote readout of energy meters

The system allows to remote reading of electricity meters to collect data on consumption for analysis. There is a possibility to share information to external entities.

Optimization of tariffs

Optimization of tariffs is one of the Enernet analytical modules. It covers the following issues:

  • analysis of suppliers tariff policy,
  • analysis of current accounts,
  • optimizing the selection of tariffs and suppliers,
  • analysis of the merits and costs of changing the tariff

Power monitoring

Enernet can create daily and weekly profiles of power for sites. It is possible to create power profiles for groups of sites

Power quality analysis

Power Quality Analysis includes the following topics:

  • analysis compatibility of supplied energy parameters with the conditions of the contract
  • recommendations for qualitative complaint
  • detailed analysis of the RMS U, I, f, P, harmonics imbalance, mains symmetry

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A project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

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