Key features:

  • energy efficiency
  • efficient cooling cooling very warm environment
  • different configurations in assembling
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    Cooling systems for data center with a high heat emissions

    Energy-efficient, flexible cooling solutions optimize the infrastructure design Data Centers of high heat emissions.

    Products in category

    System XD

    High heat density system delivers data center cooling for more than 30kW per rack. Liebert XD offers floor-mount, rack-mount and ceiling-mount configurations. This precision cooling system utilizes pumped refrigerant, which is ideal for use around electronic equipment. Liebert XD solutions also support a hot aisle/cold aisle approach to cooling.

    Liebert XDC - XD Chiller & Pumping Unit-160kW Liebert XDO XD Overhead Cooling Module, 17.2-20 kW Liebert-XDV_1XD_Racktop_Cooling_Module_8.8-10kW Liebert XD Coolframe, XD Integrated Cooling Module for Egenera BladeFrame EX, 10 kW Liebert XDH, XD In-the-Row Cooling Module, 22-30 kW XD Piping System

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