Key features:

  • protection against unauthorized access,
  • thermodynamic functions cabinets: heating, ventilation, cooling,
  • modern, constant power rectifiers,
  • easy installation of the rectifier during normal operation (hot swap),
  • high efficiency,
  • resistance to short-circuit and overload output circuits
  • immunity to electromagnetic interference,
  • next generation controller Q1,
  • possibility of remote supervision from WinCN 5.

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Outdoor DC power systems

A growing number of telecommunication equipment is placed in the outdoor type enclosures. To meet these requirements we created power supply systems in outdoor enclosures. DC power systems are placed in an external enclosure with IP54 resistant to harsh climatic conditions. This cabinet provides protection equipment installed in it from the negative influence of atmospheric factors. In depending on location and requirements, the cabinets are equipped with a dedicated ventilation system or air conditioner.

Use of modern power systems, constant power rectifiers made ​​according to the concept of hot-swap (exchange rectifier module without shutting down the system). All power and signal terminals are located at the rear of the module. Rectifiers are individually supervised by a controller Pi1, which allows the user to remotely analyze their condition. Due to the diverse needs of customers (by a wide range of load and battery backup time, location, method of remote monitoring equipment) power systems are offered in several versions and trim levels.

During the system design process following aspects related to environmental protection have been taken into consideration: 

  • compliance with the European Union’s directive RoHS - restrict the use of certain hazardous substances, 
  • compliance with the directive WEE regarding waste of electrical and electronic equipment, 
  • compliance with the directives LVD and EMC - electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility, 
  • reduce of used electrical energy as the result of high efficiency, 
  • reduce the amounts of used materials and wastes as a consequence of system dimensions minimization and high reliability.