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WinCN2 Monitoring System

Computer Supervisory System WinCN2 enables the remote monitoring for technical infrastructure devices of any kind. The System receives alarms and activity status reports from the supervised sites.  WinCN2 enables the user to establish a connection with a supervised device in order to control its current work status. The System additionally allows to manage the device functions, as well as to set the working parameters.

WinCN2 monitors the devices, which share the transmission protocol, analog or digital signals, such as:

• DC and AC power supply systems,
• batteries,
• DC and AC power distributives,
• generator sets,
• UPS,
• alarm systems,
• air conditioners,
• mains parameters,
• environmental conditions,
• PV systems.

WinCN monitored equipment


Key features

  • Alarms and reports - Receiving alarms and reports from the supervised sites, including work statuses of working devices,
  • Remote access - WinCN2 enables the remote management of the site controller, allowing to remotely initiate a gen-set start-up test or supervise the site temperature,
  • Power Monitoring - Enables the constant power measurements, analyses and registration of the electrical energy consumption, as well as other critical parameters of the energy quality in the 1- and 3-phase circuits and the electrical devices,
  • Generator Set Supervision - The Gen-set Supervision System (SNA) enables the remote parameters measurement, as well as the alarm signals control and the gen-set remote start-up test,
  • Flexible access - The functionality enables to grant different access levels to different users, which determines the type of data can be viewed and edited,
  • Automatic site status reading - The sites defined by the user, can automatically send their statuses once per day, week or month,
  • Reports and data export - The following reports were defined in the system: sites list, site configuration, site status, grid failure, critical alarms, non-critical alarms. All types of reports can be exported to files: DOC, XLS, PDF, HTML or TXT,
  • SMS notice - Once an alarm is sent from the site, the Supervisory Center sends an SMS to the configured mobile phone number,
  • Multilevel maps and synoptic screens - The supervised sites are presented on the scaled maps with labels with their identification and location. The maps are organized hierarchically. Devices and measurements can be presented on graphics,
  • Diagrams - System generates a diagram for every analog alarm. The time period and diagram type can be modified,
  • History of events - All the events on sites are registered. The history of events can be filtered according to the user needs.


The WinCN2 is a client-server application, with the possibility to use the data hubs. It enables the work with a high number of sites. WinCN network

The WinCN2 Supervisory Center enables to work in two modes:

  • one-unit version – device monitoring and data presentation is done on one computer. It enables to transfer the induction to another CN for the causes of the multilevel structure,
  • client-server version – devices are monitored by the WinCN2 Server and the data presentation is managed by the WinCN2 Client application.

Supervision Center hardware infrastructure

The Supervision Center application requires the Windows XP/Vista/7/2008 (32/64-bit) operating system and can be installed on:

  • separate server (recommended),
  • desktop or notebook,
  • virtual server.

In standard installations the following types of data transmission are used:

  • Ethernet,
  • GPRS or GSM,
  • switch connection,
  • local connection RS232,
  • other.

The WinCN2 works with devices with the following controllers, manufactured by TELZAS:

  • PI1,
  • MCSU,
  • MSS1,
  • SM5.

The WinCN2 is able to work with devices from manufacturers such as:

  • Benning,
  • BPS,
  • Eltek,
  • EP&M,
  • Institute of Communication,
  • Schneider,
  • Twelve.

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