Delivery of the first hydrogen fuel cell power system in T-MOBILE Poland

In December 2022, we installed the first hydrogen cell power system in Poland. The FC-01 system works within the technical infrastructure of T-MOBILE. The installation is unique in that it has not been seen before as part of any mobile operator network in Poland. TELZAS was the supplier of the solution for T-MOBILE.

The FC-01 fuel cell system is designed as a power system for telecommunications applications. The system can be configured as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), backup power or in combination with electrical energy storage (batteries or capacitors) or as a range extender for existing batteries.

Telzas - hydrogen cell power system FC-01 in T-MOBILE Telzas - hydrogen cell power system FC-01 in T-MOBILE

The FC-01 system is mainly used during power outages and/or power failures. Optionally, the system can be specially powered to handle peak loads on the power grid or to provide a low power reserve. In this case, the system must be coordinated with a rectifier unit and/or UPS. The standard output voltage is 48 V DC, but other DC voltage levels or AC outputs are available.

Characteristic selected features of the system are:

  • Power scalability from 2.5 to 10kW,
  • simple operation,
  • efficiency 50%,
  • Fuel cells are smaller and lighter than conventional solutions such as lead-acid batteries or diesel generators,
  • A wider acceptable operating temperature range compared to batteries.

More details on the fuel cell system can be found on Fuel Cells


Entry date: 1/30/2023 8:13 PM