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Energy storage is crucial for optimal use of renewable energy, as well as managing rising spikes in energy consumption.

Large central energy storage solutions allow large amounts of energy to be stored for later use. Smaller distributed energy storage solutions, installed in distribution networks or locally behind the meter at consumers’ premises, also solve network capacity issues.

Telzas’ PowerShaper solution (by Pixii) is a modular and scalable way to meet any energy storage requirements or specifications from 10 kW to 1 MW and above. It is a complete energy storage system with IP20 (Indoor) or IP55 (Outdoor) protection, fully integrated with the power grid, ready to be connected to it for use in applications such as energy self-sufficiency, energy demand reduction, energy conservation, intermediation and various ancillary services.

Each cabinet can have a power of up to 50 kW. The system is complemented by LFP or NMC batteries to suit a variety of applications and requirements. PowerShaper can provide various energy saving or network support services. These functions can be performed autonomously or controlled via setup commands from higher-level energy management systems communicating via various protocols. For applications requiring more power or energy, additional cabinets can be installed.

Benefits of using PowerSharper-based energy storage

Time of use

Charge storage batteries when energy rates are low and use stored energy from storage (batteries) when energy rates are high.

Reduction of power consumption on demand

Reduce your monthly demand charges by limiting peak energy consumption on demand using energy aggregated in energy storage at the time of demand.

Use of energy collected from photovoltaic installations

Storing surplus solar energy and using it to later power loads instead of directly feeding loads from the grid in order to lower energy bills.

Reliable backup power

Provide power to critical loads during power outages.

Voltage support

Monitor and, if necessary, provide power to maintain line voltage.

Reactive power compensation

Consume or produce reactive power. Full work in 4 quadrants.

Phase balancing

Improve the utilization of the transmission distribution network by balancing phase loads.

Frequency support

Consume or generate active power to support the network to maintain a stable frequency.


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