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We specialize in services dedicated to uninterruptible power supply sector. Continuous contact with the latest world diagnostic technology, issues occurring in the exploitation and leading research institutes allows us to offer optimal services prepared for the most demanding customers.

We offer services in area of up to 1kV (AC or DC) on sites in different phases of realization (renovated, exploited, newly built):

  • designing and consulting of technical documentation in area of power supply systems (including hybrid solutions: PV panels, wind turbines), HVAC, AC and DC distributives, remote monitoring systems and electrical installation;
  • wiring of the electrical installation;
  • dismantling of devices;
  • utilization of devices;
  • technical reviews of devices.


We offer technical services in newly built, operated and renovated facilities in the range of up to 1 kV direct or alternating voltage:

  • designing and agreeing on technical documentation for the selection, delivery, installation and commissioning of power supply devices (including hybrid solutions: solar panels, wind turbines), climate and ventilation devices, AC and DC switchboards, remote monitoring systems and electrical installations,< /li>
  • execution of cable electrical installations,
  • electrical measurements of installed electrical devices and installations,
  • disassembly of devices, relocation of devices from one facility to another,
  • device disposal,
  • technical inspections of devices.

We offer a multi-year warranty for the work performed and the materials used.

Server room designs

Server room and data center projects are among the tasks in which our company specializes. Therefore, we encourage you to read the most important information. This will not only allow you to understand, but also implement a project tailored to your needs.

As with any other construction, the construction of a server room is subject to appropriate legislative and regulatory acts. Each project should be properly prepared and implemented, both from the legal and technological perspective. Investments requiring a building permit require the preparation of a construction design in which the investor specifies the intentions and plans. Everything must comply with both construction law and local regulations, including the local development plan. The construction of a server room or data center is also subject to appropriate regulations. Safety and job security – our employees also provide assistance at this stage of implementation.

Data center projects involve several stages. Due to the significant scope of work and the number of technological solutions used that are required to build a server room, the construction design specifies only the essential elements of the solutions. A detailed scope of work, planning of the installation with an appropriate description, technological requirements, materials used and devices used – these are the tasks of our company, which will present a detailed executive design. In each case, the project will always be developed in accordance with the actual situation and the client’s assumptions.

Before starting the preparation stage of the construction project or the necessary modernizations that are necessary to build a server room for a database center, an analysis of the future user’s needs should be carried out. This will allow you to prepare an appropriate concept that will turn into a detailed design.

The first stage will be to conduct an inventory of current resources and the condition of infrastructure (this applies especially to modernization). This will allow you to determine what elements will be used in a future project. They will be part of the future server room. Inventorying existing IT infrastructure also helps reduce costs.

Data center designs are also closely related to user needs. Therefore, the so-called needs audit. This allows you to create an optimal working environment based on existing solutions and available infrastructure. During a needs audit, our employees analyze not only short-term needs, but also take into account long-term development.

Server room designs must also be based on the technical capabilities of the building and available infrastructure. Much also depends on the resources and type of financing. In a situation where the investment is made from public funds, a concept must be prepared that will be consistent with the announced public tender.

Server room designs end with the preparation of investor cost estimates and the scope of work performed. Detailed description of each stage allows the investor to deepen or acquire knowledge. Thanks to this, the design and previous concept will be even better suited to your needs.

To sum up. The process of preparing for the construction of a server room or data center can be divided into several stages. Inventory of existing IT infrastructure, needs audit, concept development, construction design, executive design and preparation of investor cost estimates.

Range of activities

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the detailed scope of our services, which includes:

  • Delivery of devices to their destination – including locations considered difficult to access, e.g. roofs, attics of buildings, top floors of buildings, mountain peaks, basements. We deliver devices in Poland, to the installation site at a designated time 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Installing new or used (from relocation) DC and AC devices, in particular:
    • Systems powered by a guaranteed voltage of 48V DC
    • UPS, inverter systems, free-standing and wall-mounted AC and DC switchboards,
    • Hybrid power systems – solar panels, wind turbines,
    • Battery batteries,
    • Air conditioners, ventilation devices manufactured by TELZAS (Free-Colling),
    • Power generators,
    • Remote supervision systems over the operation of devices,
    • Installation of reinforcements to relieve the load on ceilings under heavy equipment,
    • Installation of other mechanical structures required due to the specificity of the installed devices.
    • j. Construction and measurements of earth electrodes
  • Selection of elements and preparation of installation designs for the above-mentioned devices. Preparation of as-built documentation.
  • Periodic inspections and maintenance of the above-mentioned devices.
  • Disassembly and disposal of the above-mentioned devices.
  • Modernization of AC/DC switchboards.
  • Transportation of dismantled devices.
  • Replacement of power supply devices with maintaining the continuity of power supply to receiving devices.
  • Assessment of the condition of battery batteries, including:
    • control discharges using discharge resistors (including at the customer’s facilities);
    • monoblock resistance measurements;
    • conductance measurements of monoblocks;
    • cleaning and marking of monoblocks
  • Battery revitalization – assembling batteries from functional monoblocks (after the process of assessing the condition of monoblocks delivered to the process according to point 9). An integral part of battery operation is their maintenance (recharging, control discharge, charging) in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Operating dedicated battery warehouses with full technical care for batteries.
  • Adaptation works (construction and electrical) of facilities for the installation of ventilation devices (also in non-standard facilities)
    • Making holes in concrete walls;
    • Making holes in sheet metal walls;
    • Insulation of building elements;
    • Adaptation of window openings;
    • Window tinting;
    • Making fireproof cable entries through ceilings and walls.
  • Repairs of own devices. Repairs are performed at the company’s headquarters by employees with many years of experience in commissioning, testing and repairing devices.
  • Repairs of power devices from other manufacturers, including:
    • Rectifiers;
    • Drivers;
    • Repairs of generators, UPS;
    • Air conditioner repairs.
  • Electrical measurements
    • Measurement of insulation resistance of electrical installations;
    • Measurement of earthing resistance and soil resistivity;
    • Measurement of short-circuit loop impedance;
    • Measurement of internal battery resistance;
    • Battery conductance measurement;
    • Measurement of voltages and currents;
    • Measurement of the parameters of residual current circuit breakers;
    • Electrical measurements of the installation (according to measurement protocols required by the customer or legal regulations).
  • Services related to Remote Supervision Systems
    • Design of remote supervision systems;
    • Application of the TELZAS m-serwis solution – for monitoring devices and assessing the condition of battery banks;
    • Installing generator supervision systems (SNA);
    • Installing a battery cell supervision system (SNB);
    • Installing systems for measuring the energy efficiency of power supply systems;
    • Expansion and integration of the client’s remote supervision systems.
  • Services related to Consulting (in the field of power systems, air conditioning, ventilation, supervision systems), including:
    • Analysis of customer needs;
    • Selection of appropriate solutions;
    • Designing solutions to meet the client’s needs.
  • Training related services
    • Training in the use of TELZAS brand power devices
    • Training in the use of TELZAS ventilation devices
    • Training in the operation of the Supervision Center
  • Storage related services
    • Organizing warehouses to meet dedicated customer needs;
    • Providing storage space in TELZAS for temporary storage of customer property – in particular for storing batteries, warehousesremoval of electronic equipment (e.g. dismantled equipment waiting to go to the customer’s warehouses or to a new location);
    • Presentation to the customer via the appropriate website of the stock levels and condition of devices in the applicationmserwis
  • Services related to supervision of technical infrastructure
    • Monitoring the operating status of power supply devices (GSM supervision, TCP IP)
    • Battery supervision via SNOB (battery cell supervision system);
    • Monitoring the operation of generators and UPS;
    • Monitoring and managing work on client’s facilities.

People and resources

Our range of services is provided by qualified and experienced Service employees and selected subcontractors who have many years of cooperation with TELZAS. Service employees are technicians and service engineers with many years of professional experience.

The rights held by the Service’s employees include:

  • Qualification certificates authorizing the operator to operate devices, installations and networks with voltage up to 1 kV in an operation and supervision position.
  • Certificates of qualifications in the field of repair and maintenance of refrigeration equipment and installations containing controlled substances and trading in these substances.
  • Security certificates allowing work to be carried out on facilities with a confidentiality clause.

We have the appropriate resources to carry out the tasks:

  • Own service cars
  • Transport vehicles of subcontractors equipped with transport trolleys, winches, ropes.
  • Below are selected control and measurement devices, installation tools;
    • 1000V insulated tools compliant with IEC 60900:2004
  • Installation tools
    • Power tools
    • Crimping tools for cable lugs
    • Cable pressing tools
  • Measuring instruments
    • Multimeters
    • Clamp meters
    • Battery testers
    • Oscilloscopes and oscillographs
    • Electrical network analyzers
    • Measuring instruments for testing insulation resistance
    • Instruments for testing the electrical strength of insulation
    • Discharge resistors with smooth regulation of discharge current
  • Equipment for working at heights, including vertical and horizontal transport of devices;
  • We have our own and rented warehouse space for temporary storage of customer’s dismantled devices.

Our subcontractors also include qualified staff with appropriate qualifications and experience for the scope of work, also in the field of joint projects with TELZAS.

We have 16 Authorized Service Points throughout Poland and several dozen (60) subcontracting companies providing services in the above-mentioned areas to TELZAS. Our experience in cooperation with subcontractors allows us to carry out work on several dozen facilities at the same time, thanks to which we can implement even very large projects in a short time.

The location and number of subcontractors enable us to achieve short response times to reported defects at customer facilities, often scattered throughout the country.

Repairs of devices delivered to TELZAS are performed by a group of electronics technicians with many years of professional experience in commissioning, testing and repairing electronic devices manufactured by TELZAS. This experience also pays off with the ability to offer repair services for external devices. This team also has measuring instruments and tools from leading brands at their disposal.

Product testing

TELZAS is a company where innovative ideas change into market products. Due to the main activity profile as one of the leading manufacturers of power supply systems and cooling and ventilation systems, our laboratory has been equipped with a high-class climatic chamber. It allows the study of the impact of different environmental conditions on the tested products.

Thanks to the possibility of quick modification of the settings, it possible can check the influence of temperature and humidity factors on the functioning of the tested devices in order to improve their design and energy efficiency in real conditions.

Research in a climatic chamber

The TELZAS laboratory offers thermal testing services when it is required to check the behavior of materials or devices in conditions of specified temperature and humidity. Precise and easy to use control system provides optimal conditions for environmental testing of devices, materials or coatings.

The research program in the climatic chamber allows:

  • testing of resistance to climatic conditions of devices during their work (with or without load) and during storage,
  • creation of climatic conditions in accordance with pre-set time courses or program cycles,
  • creating test reports,
  • recommendations for improving the energy efficiency of climate systems.

Parameters of the climatic chamber:

  • Net internal dimensions (W × H × D) 2.85 × 2.8 × 2.2m
  • Total capacity 23m 3 .
  • Door dimensions (W × H) 2.5 × 3m
  • Inspection window: 0.5 × 0.5m
  • Temperature control: from -40 to +80 ° C
  • Humidity control: from 10% to 95% Rh
  • Floor loading up to 10,000 N/m2.
  • Controller with touch panel, LAN ports, real-time readout, alarms
  • PLC controller with dedicated software and the possibility of setting defined programs
We use a modern Fluke Ti400 thermal imaging camera for research.