Technical Protection System – Photovoltaic farms

SOT for photovoltaic farms is a hardware and software solution dedicated to the full scope of facility supervision.

Telzas offers a number of solutions in the field of SOT, from proprietary monitoring software (WinCN5) developed for over 20 years to hardware solutions of our partners who are among the world’s leaders in the production of solutions dedicated to the SOT system.

The SOT system for photovoltaic farms enables:

supervision of operating parameters and alarm states of devices operating on the farm, e.g. inverters, guaranteed power supply systems (MIT – Technical Infrastructure Monitoring)
monitoring and detection of unauthorized intrusion into the farm area via motion sensors and/or perimeter protection (KD – Access Control and SSiW – Intruder Alarm System)
video monitoring in the farm area (CCTV – closed circuit television)
automatic alerting via SMS and/or e-mail to staff and security services about alarms that occurred within the farm

Technical protection systems are used to ensure an appropriate level of security for people, property, data and the proper functioning of the protected facility.

We offer proven, technologically advanced solutions for this purpose, including: delivery, installation and commissioning of complete systems:

WinCN 5 supervision and control system
monitoring of technical infrastructure (MIT)
(SKD) access control system
burglary and intrusion detection system (SSWiN)
closed-circuit television system(CCTV)
(SSP) fire alarm system

WinCN5 surveillance system
(integrated system for supervising the safety and technical infrastructure of facilities).

Telzas Sp. z o. o. implemented a project co-financed by the European Union called “Research and development work on the development of an integrated technical protection system for power stations and industrial facilities.” On this basis, a comprehensive integrated IT tool was created enabling the supervision and processing of data collected from individual devices, sensors and systems under named WinCN5.

WinCN5 combines and extends functionalities previously implemented by separate functional modules, i.e.:

  • monitoring of technical infrastructure (MIT)
  • access control system (SKD)
  • burglary and intrusion detection system (SSWiN)
  • closed-circuit television system(CCTV)
  • fire alarm system (SSP)

Detailed information about the WinCN 5 system can be found at the WinCN 5 link

Access Control Systems (SKD) protect against unauthorized persons entering the facility and individual buildings and rooms by using solutions such as gates, readers and access cards. The systems we offer also have the ability to control working time.

Intrusion and Intrusion Alarm Systems are used to detect unauthorized intrusion into an area or building/room. Intrusion without deactivating the alarm will result in sending alarm information to the Supervision Center and notifying security. We offer a wide range of SSWiN solutions tailored to each facility.

The video monitoring system (CCTV) is used to monitor the area and rooms using cameras. The image is saved for analysis and event recording. The equipment we offer provides wide additional possibilities, such as automatic intruder detection, reading vehicle license plates, etc.

Fire Alarm Systems enable the detection and identification of the location of a fire using appropriate sensors. We install effective systems equipped with top-class fire detection and alarm devices.


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