Fiamm batteries

The operational safety of emergency power systems depends largely on the batteries used in them and on their proper selection. Thanks to cooperation with FIAMM, we deliver products wherever a guarantee of power supply continuity is necessary for the proper functioning of facilities.

FIAMM batteries combine the advantages of valve-regulated, maintenance-free lead batteries with electrolyte trapped in a glass mat (AGM technology) with the advantages of front pole exit. The design with front pole output for all batteries shortens installation time and facilitates operation. In this way, system reliability is increased and costs are reduced. The front pole terminals and interblock connections are fully insulated with covers that protect against contact with live components of the device. The connection cover has specially designed inspection holes enabling simple and safe voltage measurement. The compact design allows for the use of less space for installation and improves the arrangement of batteries in cabinets or stands. The newly designed grid system and new lead alloy ensure long battery life and high efficiency in all discharge periods.

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