Battery stands and cabinets

As a result of our many years of experience, we have developed an optimal offer of stands for battery banks. The diversity of stand designs, the flexibility of their selection and the universality of applications make our offer attractive.

We provide standard single-, double- or three-row battery configurations in a flat, stepped or multi-story version.We specialize in constructing stands for individual requirements related to specific requirements for protection against tilting (ships) or increased resistance to vibrations and impacts (e.g. mines).

Products in the category

CBG-05 i CBF-02

The battery cabinet with a reinforced indoor structure is adapted to install VRLA battery banks in the “front terminal” version of the 23″/19″ standard. As standard, the cabinet is designed to install four battery banks with a capacity of up to 160Ah.


Outdoor battery cabinet designed to install up to four “front terminal” 23″/19″ VRLA battery banks with a capacity of up to 160Ah. If the space in the cabinet is not used by the battery banks, it is possible to install other equipment in the 19″ standard.

Open frame

The frame is intended for devices and energy sources that do not require installation in a cabinet. Adjustable battery shelves allow you to adapt the stand to many types of batteries.

Alpha stands

The Alpha rack system can be used for any type of stationary faucets. Thanks to its modular structure, it is possible to assemble any stand from ready-made elements.

Battery stands

Metal stands constructed based on a closed profile of the SAPA 6005A aluminum alloy are intended for placing any type of faucet on one or more levels and steps.

FTTB stands

A system of stands designed for mounting 19″ devices and mounting battery banks. Skeletal stands made of open steel profiles. The standard design is equipped with fixed side covers. Shelves can be mounted at any height. The product is offered in various versions that allow it to be adapted to current requirements.

Internal Cabinets for 19″ taps

The internal cabinet for 19″ battery banks is made as a frame-welded structure based on a closed steel profile with dimensions of 30×30 [mm] and a 0.8 mm (housing) and 1 mm (door) steel sheet. The cabinet is intended to be placed on the ground.

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