AC racks

The AC racks are a compact, 19″ inverters providing a pure sine wave AC supply. We offer modules of various power range suited to different needs. In conjunction with a DC Power system, it provides an excellent AC backup solution.

If more power capacity and the functionality associated with the distribution of AC is needed, the right product will be AC power supply systems.

Key features:

compact design- 19″
sinusoidal current consumption from the AC mains
modern inverters generating pure sine wave
simple and safe operation
high efficiency
seamless transfer between the primary and secondary sources
wide acceptable range of power factor of supplied loads
resistant to short circuits and overloads of output circuits
immunity to electromagnetic interferences

High quality AC power

The voltage supplied to the critical loads is a pure sine despite all the disturbances (harmonics, surges, glitches) usually arising from AC mains. High-quality AC voltage ensures proper operation of critical loads and reduces the risk of failure.

Efficient Power Conversion (EPC)

The inverters uses EPC (Enhanced Power Conversion) mode, where energy from the AC mains is buffered and then converted to alternating voltage output. This mode is characterized by: very high efficiency, excellent filtering and seamless transfer time. The double filtering and the EPC mode ensure the optimum AC power quality at very high efficiency.

Products in category

FUR 230/1,5

  • output power: 1500VA, 1200W
  • overload capacity: 110% ciągłe, 150% 15s
  • dimensions: 1U x 485 x 230 mm
  • output voltage: 230Vac
  • EPC mode: yes

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