AC power systems

AC power systems are designed to uninterruptible supply of critical AC loads . We offer solutions for single-phase 230Vac or three-phase 3x380Vac loads.

We offer AC power systems in different versions with wide range of optional equipment, low power systems are made ready for installation in 19″ rack or cabinet, while high power systems are supplied in the form of a free-standing cabinet.

We also provide, low-power 19″ mount, AC power systems intended to extend existing DC power systems.

Key features:

module structure enabling an easy system expansion
modern inverter modules generating efficient sinusoidal voltage
manual bypass system enabling to choose service or emergency working mode
easy inverter installation (swap or expansion) during the regular working mode (hot-swap)
easy and secure handling
EPC mode – highly efficient energy conversion
wide, permissible scope of power factor for the supplied loads
short circuit and overload resistance of the output loads
electromagnetic disruptions resistance
next generation controller Q1
possibility of remote supervision from WinCN 5

High quality AC power

The voltage supplied to the critical load is a pure sine despite all the disturbances (harmonics, surges, glitches) usually arising from AC mains. High-quality AC voltage ensures proper operation of critical loads and reduces the risk of failure.


To build the systems we used advanced hot-swap inverter modules. Double filtration systems and EPC mode ensure the superior power quality with very high efficiency.

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