WinCN 5 is an integrated security and technical infrastructure supervisory system. The purpose of using the system is to ensure an appropriate level of security for people, property, data and the proper functioning of the protected facility.

The WinCN5 Computer Surveillance System performs remote monitoring of any type of device. The basic task of the system is to receive notifications of failures or reports containing information on the state of their operation from the supervised sites. The architecture and method of operation depends on the type and number of devices used. Supervision can be carried out based on device drivers or an object controller using external interfaces.

Each cabinet can have a power of up to 50 kW. The system is complemented by LFP or NMC batteries to suit a variety of applications and requirements. PowerShaper can provide various energy saving or network support services. These functions can be performed autonomously or controlled via setup commands from higher-level energy management systems communicating via various protocols. For applications requiring more power or energy, additional cabinets can be installed.

Main functions and features of the system

Working status of devices

Current information on the operating parameters of devices on sites.

Alerts and Reports

The system accepts notifications of failures or reports containing information on the operating status of devices in the facility from the supervised facilities.

Auto read sites state

User selected sites can be automatically queried at regular intervals. Automatic reading can be started at a certain time once a day, once a week or once a month. The user can set the number of attempts to communicate with the object.

Remote control

WinCN 5 also allows you to send remote commands to the controller located on the site. It can be, for example, forcing the unit operation test, or controlling the temperature of the object.

Multi-level digital maps

Supervised sites are represented by labels placed in accordance with GPS data on scalable maps, which facilitates their identification and location. The maps are organized hierarchically.

Synoptic boards

Devices and measurements are presented on graphic backgrounds. These can be building or electrical diagrams.

Flexible access system

All data in the configuration database and event history database that are subject to editing or used for presentation have a property that allows limiting access (to editing or presentation) of a given element. Whether a given piece of information is visible and whether its editing is allowed depends on the permissions of the user or group to which it belongs. The software is equipped with a three-level function access system. The supervision system administrator has the right to enter and remove users.

Event history

All events recorded by the system are available in the event history, which can be filtered depending on the user’s needs. There are filters for the type of event, sites and time range.


The system includes predefined reports regarding the most important measurement parameters and all alarm states that can be generated to support works in the field of infrastructure management of sitess and devices.

SMS/Email notification

When the system receives a notification from the sites, an SMS message is created and sent to the mobile phone number configured in the system. You can define any number of users who will receive notifications, and for each person independently specify the time during which this service is to be active. For each of the objects, we can independently determine whether a notification from a given sites should generate notifications and what signals should be sent.


For each analog signal, the system creates graphs. You can change the time range and chart type. Each graph can be saved as a file on disk or printed.

Event management

An advanced event system that allows you to monitor the handling of events by operators. Each event is assigned one of 4 statuses: new, confirmed, in progress, handled. The operator has the ability to freely determine the status of the event along with the option of adding a comment. Each alarm in the system can be assigned to one of 3 types of events: alarm, technical, normal (different behavior in events).

Weather forecast

Possibility to observe the weather forecast in order to support planned preventive actions on facilities (e.g. planning the use of the aggregate on facilities during a storm).

CCTV image preview

An advanced function of previewing images from CCTV system cameras in real time or viewing archival records saved by recorders.

Other example system features

  • configurable sessions of automatic reading of objects by. the time indicated by the operator
  • connection with objects using various transmission media (e.g. SNMP, MODBUS TCP)
  • a large number of supervised sites – over 10,000
  • smooth handling of a large number of events thanks to the distributed system architecture
  • possibility of cooperation with MS SQL databases
  • possibility of mapping any site structure and devices
  • analysis of historical events
  • export data to popular file formats for analysis and advanced reporting
  • grouping sites into locations, locations into areas, and hierarchically grouping areas
  • advanced data presentation, sorting, grouping, hiding and filtering capabilities
  • configurable permission levels for Area, Owner and Sitess
  • the ability to define virtual signals – calculated according to a defined rule based on the value of real signals
  • possibility to define alarm thresholds for measurement signals
  • the ability to define correlations between device alarms
  • the function of accepting alarms by the system operator
  • suggestions of actions for the operator
  • control from a mobile application


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