Monitoring&Control systems

Monitoring&Control systems

The supervision and control systems constitute the second and third level of management developed by Telzas. Below we present the most important information, thanks to which you will be able to choose the optimal solutions.

Level 1

Actuating devices whose task is to meet the basic expectations of the client.

Level 2

Advanced new generation Q1 controller by Tezlas, based on which developed there are individual products.

Level 3

Remote supervisiory and management system WinCN 5. It enables telemetric control of devices. It is implemented through the controller modules, communication infrastructure and the WinCN 5 Supervision Center software. The supervision system enables remote reading of parameters, control and change of controller settings, building a database on the variability of key parameters of the first devices in time and space. WinCN 5 is the basic tool for ongoing monitoring of infrastructure status and decision-making by groups responsible for its maintenance.

Level 4

Business Intelligence class solution, about which more information can be found in the group Support systems

The basic version of the management system, initially consisting of a device and a controller, can be extended during operation with subsequent levels of integration.

After getting acquainted with the four levels, we encourage you to obtain information where we described how important monitoring of the server room (data center monitoring) is and why it is worth outsourcing this service to experienced IT specialists working in our company.


  • Data centers, also known as server rooms, are among the most important technical facilities of an organization. The level of security, data transfer and protection is important not only from a business point of view.
  • Server room supervision is a term closely related to security and elimination of possible threats. Not only for economic reasons, it is worth using continuous automatic security monitoring systems for facilities connected with power and ICT networks.
  • Proper operation of a server room also means creating appropriate working conditions. Room humidity, appropriate temperature, power supply, electrostatic protection, cleanliness and elimination of dust and dust, access and quality of service. Proper connection is a guarantee of reliable operation also in emergency situations. Therefore, all parameters should be monitored on an ongoing basis to introduce corrective actions if necessary.
  • Proper operation and operation of the server room means security and continuity also in crisis situations. Modern security monitoring systems also have other benefits. Significant reduction of operating costs, shortening of repair and service time, possibility of remote diagnosis or analysis of events based on archive data – solutions not only for business.

Telzas surveillance systems:

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