SZ – outdoor cabinets

SZ outdoor cabinets serie offers a wide possibilities of the technical infrastructure expansion. The possibility of building 19” or 21” planes rack make this kind of cabinets an ideal solution for applications in many sectors. These cabinets are suitable for the installation of networking and telecommunication devices as well as power supply systems and batteries.

The main task of the outdoor cabinets is full protection equipment installed in it against all harmful factors. Rugged, sealed design protects the inside of cabinets from the negative influence of environmental factors (rain, snow, sunlight, dust, etc.) and intrusion.

Another crucial task is to keep in cabinet’s interior certain thermal conditions. The possibility of building different temperature zones within one cabinet provides optimal working conditions of different types of devices. The integrated intelligent ventilation, cooling & heating systems provides optimum conditions for work, adapted to the equipment installed in it. Fan speed is smoothly adjustable as a function of temperature (in effect systems offer: a smaller amplitude of the internal temperature and lower noise).

The construction of the cabinets allows to configure its interior and pre-install accessories according to needs. Cabinets are easy to transport and installation through the use of dedicated handles (lifting elements in the roof part).

Cabinets have ingress protection adapted to the requirements from IP 20 for single-wall cabinets to IP 54 standard which can be increased to IP 55.

SZ outdoor cabinets like other TELZAS products can be integrated with our solutions in the field of remote monitoring and telemetry. There is also the possibility for remote supervision of client devices installed in the cabinet.

SZ outdoor cabinets are used and appreciated by many leading companies in the areas of telecommunications, IT, energy and industry.

Key features:

ingress protection: IP54/IP55
Robust design: excellent protection against corrosion, dust, vandalism and intrusion
intelligent cooling and ventilation systems
possibility of connect the cables from the top or bottom of the cabinet
different temperature zones in a single cabinet
ease of transportation through the use handles
additional equipment
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