SW indoor cabinets

SW cabinets serie with a maximum degree of protection IP20 is designed for indoor applications. These cabinets are suitable for the installation of networking and telecommunication devices as well as power supply systems and batteries.

Cabinets are available in four available sizes of the footprint and any height adjusted tp requirements of the application. This combination gives a wide range of available sizes. Cabinets can be equipped with additional features and devices such as:

  • AC or DC power supply systems
  • AC/DC power distribution modules
  • battery shelves
  • reduction brackets for installation in 19” or 21” standard;
  • door
  • itp.

The flexibility and extensive configuration options of TELZAS indoor cabinets makes them an ideal solution for applications in many sectors. SW indoor cabinets are used and appreciated by many leading companies in the areas of telecommunications, IT, energy and industry.

Key features:

ingress protection – IP20
wide range of sizes
possibility connect the wires from top or bottom of the cabinet
mounting options: standalone, wall-mounted
easy installation and uninstallation of back cover
additional equipment
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