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Technical Protection System (SOT) old

SOT (Technical Protection System) is a solution based on telemetry and remote monitoring systems that detect threats in a distributed technical infrastructure containing hundreds of objects and thousands of devices, events and measured values.


The purpose of the system is to provide an adequate level of security for people, property, data and the proper functioning of the protected site. We offer proven, technologically advanced solutions, including: delivery, installation and commissioning of complete systems:

  • Intrusion Alarm System (SSWiN),
  • Access Control System (SKD),
  • Access Control System (CCTV),
  • Fire Alarm System (SSP),
  • Sound warning system (DSO),
  • Perimeter protection system (SOO),
  • system integration.

We provide comprehensive service, from design, through installation, maintenance and service.

WinCN5 - Integrated supervision system ensures safety of technical infrastructure.

Telzas Sp. z o.o. implemented a project co-financed by the European Union called "Research and development works on the development of an integrated technical protection system for energy stations and industrial facilities." As part of the project, we have created a comprehensive integrated WinCN5 system that enables the supervision and processing of data collected from individual devices, sensors and systems.

WinCN5 combines and extends the functionalities previously implemented by separate functional modules, i.e .:

  • Intrusion Alarm System (SSWiN),
  • Access Control System (SKD),
  • Video monitoring system (CCTV),
  • Fire Alarm System (SSP),
  • Technical Infrastructure Monitoring (MIT)

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