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Win CN WWW is a service offered in the SaaS (Software as a Service) mode. It enables the remote monitoring of any type of device (e.g. power supply systems, air conditioning, gen-set), as well as the environmental conditions.

The controllers, which are situated on sites, send data to the Win CN Server. The Server processes the data and provides the client with it using the web application.   

WinCN WWW diagram

Using the Win CN WWW, a registered user is able to browse the measurements and alarm signals. The user can access the history of events on sites and generate diagrams or reports in order to analyze the activity of devices. The mutual communication enables the readings at a user request.

WinCN WWW sites list

WinCN WWW chart

The data transmission via a computer network is enabled by the installed converters. Site supervision is based on a device converter or the PI1 site controller with the measurement interface. Another advantage of the system is possibility receive the short text messages (SMS) and e-mails with alarms. It enables a constant supervision of the site. The measured parameters are agreed on with the client in order to create an optimized cost and technological solution.


Key functionalities:

  • site status view,
  • history of events,
  • site status on demand,
  • diagrams,
  • SMS notification,
  • e-mail notification,
  • mobile access.



  • data access from all over the world,
  • mobile access,
  • solution does not require any software installation,
  • service based on external servers.

6/26/2022 3:12:36 AM