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Tasks Module

The Tasks Module enables to manage the sites tasks. The system is based on electronic inquiries, which can describe any kind of element or process. Inquiry templates are configured by the system administrator. The inquiries can be prepared on basis of the inspection protocols.

Tasks list

The tasks can be presented in form of a list or a calendar, which additionally enables to plan the work for specific serviceman. After the task is defined and assigned to a specific serviceman, it is sent to the serviceman via a dedicated network or Internet. The task is described in the Service Module. It is possible to review the answers given by the user after the task realization.

New task

Every task is registered in the system. The serviceman and service groups are defined in the system. 


Key functionalities:

  • register of notifications,
  • defining and managing tasks for sites,
  • assigning the tasks to serviceman or service groups,
  • verification of the realized tasks,
  • defining questions, question sections and inquiry templates,
  • printing inspection protocols,
  • managing the serviceman and service groups,
  • advanced reporting,
  • sorting data,
  • defining the serviceman time schedule.
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6/26/2022 4:58:10 AM