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Site Base

The Site Base module is intended for system administrator to manage the administrative data, concerning sites and technical infrastructure elements. The system enables to describe any type of infrastructure. Thanks to the  full parameterization any kind of device or contruction can be projected. 

Site Base main

The application  has several functionalities enabling the information management, such as: element templates, adding a group of elements, duplication of elements, implemented glossary system enabling to define any kind of device and its properties. Every element is described by standard features, as well as the additional ones defined by the user.

Site Base dictionary

The Site Base can operate as an independent application or cooperate with Tasks Module.


Key functionalities:

  • defining regions, locations, sites, warehouses, suppliers and manufacturers of devices;
  • defining site types, elements, such as wind turbines, cabinets, DC power supply system etc.;
  • defining subtypes of elements, such as SDDB 300;
  • defining element properties;
  • complex management of elements – adding, edition, copying, deleting etc.
  • matching sites with regions and locations, described by specific coordinates;
  • managing the warehouse storages;
  • history of sites and elements changes;
  • storing element documents;
  • advanced search engine;
  • generating advanced reports.
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6/26/2022 4:09:21 AM