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Service module

The Service Module is an application designed for receiving, realization and returning the tasks assigned by the manager in the Tasks Module. The tasks are presented in form of a list or a calendar. Every serviceman can access the full information on specific sites, as well as the history of the previously realized tasks. Inquiries defined by the service manager are attached to tasks. After answering all questions the inquiries are sent to the central data base.

Service tasks

Service Module is provided with a local data base, which enables to work off-line. The tasks can be realized and described while working on site without a network connection. Additional documents, photos etc. can be attached if necessary.

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Key functionalities:

  • receiving newly defined tasks,
  • synchronizing tasks with central server,
  • working off-line,
  • answering to inquiries,
  • printing inquiry protocols,
  • reviewing tasks history.
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5/30/2023 3:51:46 PM