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Q1 controller

The Q1 controller is a modern solution that uses advanced methods of control and supervision of power supply systems. Full scalability - thanks to the use of CAN communication bus and a wide range of additional modules, it is possible to work with systems of various power and sizes. The controller offers a rich set of communication possibilities, such as a built-in Ethernet interface, an integrated HTTP server or an SNMP agent.

Alarming may be done using SNMP traps, to a remote monitoring center - for example WinCN2 system or to relay contacts.

Q1 can realize PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) functions provide more flexibility for monitoring and control.

Sterownik Q1


  • Front panel with color display and four-button keyboard for easy local operation
  • Integrated HTTP server
  • Remote supervision via a network server, SNMP agent or MODBUS protocol
  • Easy scalability of the number of inputs / outputs and measurement channels due to the possibility of using additional modules
  • Simple system or configuration update via portable memory (USB / Micro-SD) or the Ethernet port
  • Integrated PLC functionality (Programmable Logic) providing flexibility for infrastructure monitoring and control
  • Advanced testing and battery handling methods
  • Comprehensive system supervision options
  • Simple installation (replacement) during operation (hot-swap)
  • Designed for +24V and -48V systems
  • Complies with international standards


Datasheet - Q1 controller Datasheet - Q1 controller 

See also: PI1 Site Supervision Controller

See also: PI1 Controller

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