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Power Monitoring

The SMM enables the continuous measurement, analyses and registration of energy consumption, together with the basic parameters of the energy quality in the 1- and 3-phase circuits, as well as the electric devices. The SMM enables reading the DC and AC power supply systems parameters. 

Power Monitoring                     Power Monitoring

The SMM registers the momentary, average, maximal and minimum values of the measured parameters. There is a possibility of reading the parameters from several measurement points. 

Measurement of the momentary values is continuous. The time interval of the measurement is defined by the user. Values are registered and stored in the internal memory of the device. Average values are calculated basing on all measurements registered in a defined time period. The data reading can be done remotely by the Win CN, using the GPRS data transmission.


Key functionalities:

  • storing average values in the internal memory,
  • measuring momentary values,
  • measuring maximal values,
  • measuring minimum values,
  • measuring harmonic values (optional),
  • two temperature measuring points (optional),
  • using several network analyzers (optional),
  • power monitoring and DC energy circuit (optional),
  • periodic communication with the supervisory center (Win CN),
  • parameters diagrams and reports (Win CN).

4/19/2019 7:10:57 AM