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PI1 Site Supervision Controller

The PI1 Site Supervision Controller is a universal solution for site monitoring, data acquisition, device control and presentation of monitored statuses. It is based on several equivalent modules connected with a CAN Bus. New functionalities are added by expansion of modules. The expansion of modules takes place in the plug&play mode. The functionality scaling enables to scale the costs. The distributed structure of the controller increases its possibilities and decreases the monitoring costs.

The diversity of modules and interfaces together with the simplicity of configuration, enables to monitor any kind of site status or device on site.

Telzas - PI1 controller

Examples of modules

MWW-03 Input/Output Module

The MWW-03 inputs/outputs module is meant to supervise analogue-digital signals and connect/disconnect type control. The MWW board is produced in a shape of a card of the dimensions enabling to assemble the device in a special subrack or in a casing in a DIN rail.

MWW-03 functionalities:

  • 2 analog inputs 0-70V DC,
  • 2 analog inputs 0-30VDC,
  • 3 analog-digital inputs 0-5VDC,
  • 1 analog input ±5VDC,
  • 3 temperature measurement inputs,
  • 8 digital inputs,
  • Optional potential-free contact outputs module.

MKH Communication and History Module

The MKH Module enables to register the information on system work activity and data transmission.

Communication and History Module enables:

  • preparing data sets,
  • operating a modem or a converter RS/Ethernet,
  • communication with supervisory system,
  • registering the events from the PI1 system,
  • storing events in the controller history,
  • operating on the real time clock.

MPI/MTS Serial Transmission Module


  • 1 port RS232/485,


  • 2 ports RS232/485,
  • 1 analog input 0-65VDC,
  • 2 temperature measurement inputs.

The Modules convert the device protocol to the PI1 standard.


See also general information about PI1 controller.

See also Q1 Controller.

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